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 Vince Munro   ICQ # 4930764

                       Searching: Brant, Clark, Kerby, Kerr, Munro, Strato/Stratto, RCAF 424 Squadron.

 Sylvia Campbell-Munro   ICQ # 2997561

                       Searching: Atkins, Bicknell, Brown, Campbell, Clinton, Johnston, Tithecott, RCAF 424 Squadron.

 Jon Atkins   ICQ #

                       Searching: Atkins, Burton, Mc Donald, Pratt.

 Carol Kajatin-Atkins   ICQ # 16088082

                       Searching: Kajatin/Kayatin.

 Gayle Telford-Mann   ICQ # 5116111

                       Searching: Biggar, Ditch, Hull, Mann, Racey, Telford.

 Richelle Lutz   ICQ # 33222174

                       Searching: Brant.

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